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Übër l007 for the Übër l337

HELP!! WTH do all these crazy boxes do??

Board: is where you specify which board you want to search on.


Find: is where you enter in what text you want to search for.
To search with a "+" (or other special characters) you must proceed it with a "\". For example if I wanted to search for "+11" I would actually enter " \+11" (note the proceeding space). Please be aware that special characters behave differently so you should avoid using them if at all possible.


Search Type is how you want to search. You will want to use a combination of these to view the results in different ways, often with similar terms, to ensure you are getting complete results.
"This phrase" is short for "find this exact phrase".
This is the type of search you will probably want the majority of the time. For example if you want to search for the exact string "Hiltable Fire Yaoji", you will only get results that have the words in the order in which you typed them in the title. Results like "Hiltable Ivory Flame Yaoji 7-13 Fire +6%MD +11Att" would not show up even though it contains all three words, since the words are not in order.
"All words" is an AND search.
Searching for "Hiltable Fire Yaoiji" will return all titles that have "Hiltable" AND "Fire" AND "Yaoji" in ANY order in the title. Results like "Hiltable Ivory Flame Yaoji 7-13 Fire +6%MD +11Att" would show up since the title contains all three words. This is the most narrow search, it's very handy when you are looking for a combination of common words (like "Constantine was best mod").
"At least 1 word" is an OR search.
It is the broadest of all search types. It is useful when searching with less common words. (IE "search" OR "boardsearch" OR "uze_dafarce").
"Author" is an Author search.
It is used for searching the author of a thread, so the person who started the thread.

Search Type:

Partial Matches allows you to choose if you want to get partial matches.
checkbox off: means no partial matches. Only the results exactly like how you typed the search terms are returned.
checkbox on: means you want to use partial matches. So if you search for "test", the results will include things as "contest", "testing", ... Using partial matches can cause many extra results you most likely don't want, so it is advised not to be used normally.

 Partial Matches

Case Sensitive allows you to further filter results based on capitalization.
checkbox off: means without regard of capitalization. Disregarding case is nearly always what you want, as in many cases people have posts that are in inital caps, all lowercase, all caps or some random mixture of the three.
checkbox on: means you only want results shown that case specific to what you entered in the Find field. If you entered "fire yaoji hilt" you would not get results that had "Fire" or "FIRE" or "FiRe" or "Yaoji" or "YAOJI" or . . . you get the point.

 Case Senstive

Results: allows you to set the ammount of results to display per page. Now there is a "Next $N results" button and a "New search" button on the results page as well, so you can just grab the first 50 items and scroll through the rest if you need them, but can also choose to view as many as 600 results per page.


Show me results between : allows you to further filter results based on dates. This was a needed feature from day one. Sorry it took me so long to get it completed. It is important to note that you can use one or all of the fields as you wish, so you could, for example, set the starting month to 3 and the ending month to 4, leave everything else alone and only search the results from march and april of any day/year.
First set of month/day/year is the earliest results wish to see, and second month/day/year is the latest. As another example you could set the first month/day/year to two days ago and only search for auctions bumped within the last couple of days.

Show me results between : / / and: / /